Young, dumb, full of cum in past relationships

Young, dumb, full of cum in past relationships

Young, dumb, full of cum in past relationships

The single gal era is the time to celebrate being an adult, making a little money, and being young, dumb, and full of cum in past relationships. Sometimes I dwell on past relationships because I see how wonderful my life is with my hubby and son. I’ve concluded that I was a bit of a harlot in my younger years. Well, I just turned 31 so I guess it wasn’t too long ago, soooooo…..what the hell ever just read my damn story about being young, dumb, and full of cum in past relationships.

Young, dumb, full of cum in past relationships: Boring Dude

I experienced my first adult relationship with a guy I thought I would marry. However, we were NEVER  meant to be at all. He enjoyed blues and jazz, and I enjoyed everything but. All in all, I grew up and found that he was boring the shit out of me, and I was standing in his way of messing around with other girls. That’s crazy because it never seemed to stop me even a little. I was Young, dumb, and full of cum in past relationships.

Ever get engaged while in a serious relationship with another guy?

The end of the relationship wasn’t purely his fault. I have to admit, I dabbled in a few love affairs during our time in coupledom. Actually, at one point while in this relationship, I spontaneously got engaged to an old friend from high school. He returned from the Navy on family leave and he looked really nice in a uniform. Ever marry someone because they look great in a suit? Well yah girl here was on the verge. It must have been fate right? WRONG as hell! When he shipped back off, I forced myself to cry tears of sadness and then a sistah got dumped. It was expected. I knew that once he sailed off to his Navy boat we were over because I never gave up the goodies before he left. I was young, dumb, and full of cum in past relationships but I wasn’t an idiot. It was all a big show just to get in my pants.

My husband says when you’re young, dumb, and full of cum in past relationships that type of shyt happens.

Navy man was out of the picture and I was over him like in a week or two. Now that I think about it, I should have pawned the engagement ring for some high fashion stilettos instead of returning it like a lady with class. Furthermore, I was still in a relationship with boring dude, who I decided to recommit my time and love to permanently.

When I visited him at school, I would clean, do his laundry, ANYTHING I could do to make up  for what I did and to maintain his love for me. I gave all of myself, and it didn’t work out. This led me to eventually shut down and become a feminist, but in due time I will get to that. I have to squeeze in the fact that I accidentally-on-purpose started a relationship with another individual after recommitting to boring guy. Yeah, I was young, dumb, and full of cum in past relationships!

Ever jump into a relationship because of an attraction to someone’s hair?

The new love/like interest was different. He was a bad boy and I was attracted to his huge and fluffy Afro. Too bad nothing else was huge and fluffy on him that I could actually enjoy. I built an entire relationship on an attraction to someone’s hair. The relationship was so superficial that the only thing I can remember was a moment when I visited his grandmother’s house. We were just chilling and watching television when I asked to use the restroom, and the grandmother said she was out of toilet paper. Her next statement left me speechless. I would have rather left and pissed myself on the way home than to comply with her recommendation.

“Oh baby, here is some newspaper, just rub it together real fast and it’s just like toilet paper. I use it all the time. ” She was actually rubbing newspaper together for the purpose of me using it.  I think Afro man saw my mortification when his grandmother began shoving the daily news at me for toileting purposes. I had to end that tragic “relationship” right then and there. I was young, dumb, and full of cum in my past relationships but I wasn’t desperate.

To be continued…

6 thoughts on “Young, dumb, full of cum in past relationships

  1. At least you learned from it and moved on. Upward.
    Sometimes I’m curious about a lot of the people in my past, my early 20s especially, and wonder how things have turned out for them.
    Maybe that’s why I’ve been addressing some of them at a distance in my new novels.


    • I think that is awesome! I have some friends who have been through so much I always ask, why don’t you write a book about it. Some people would love to here those things. I have checked out your website, awesome!


    • I try!! The truth is, we all go through it. We are trying to find that right fit and we do some crazy ish in the process. I think about my past and think “what the hell was I thinking?” lol But you do learn from it. I have to admit that I had fun though. The parties, the girl nights out, the dates, the breakups, all that ish was wonderful and horrible at the same time. lol


  2. I this is a Great article about young love. Ye we all did things to win over our young loves approval. In the end, what did we get? Won’t say what my grandmother said, I will nicely say, “We got a lesson learned.” Teens need to read this too.


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